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*Payment for services is due and payable at the time of inspection.

*Unattached buildings will be an additional charge.

*Weekend inspections will have an additional $25 charge


Services Price With a Home Inspection Price Without a Home Inspection
"ASHI" Whole House Inspection under 2000 Sq. Ft. $300.00 n/a
"ASHI" Whole House Inspection under 2001-2999 Sq. Ft. $325.00 n/a
3000 - 3500 Finished SqFt $375.00 n/a
3501 to 4000 Finished SqFt $425.00 n/a
Multi-Unit Inspection (up to 4 units) Use pricing above plus per/unit fee $50.00 / per unit n/a
Termite (WDI) Inspection $70.00 $100.00
Radon Test (48 hr. test) $125.00 $175.00
Water Test – Bacteria (Total Coliform) $85.00 $125.00
Water Test (FHA Series) $155.00 $185.00
Water Test (VA Series) $175.00 $195.00
*lab fees included with all water sampling
Mold Sampling (min 2 samples) $125.00 per sample $125.00 per sample
Mold Survey (min 2 samples) $0.00 plus sampling $125.00 plus sampling
Mold Screen (min 3 samples) $0.00 plus sampling $125.00 plus sampling
Formeldehyde Testing (1test/floor) $125.00 per sample $125.00 per sample
Lead Paint Testing $125.00 per sample $125.00 per sample
Bacteria Testing $125.00 per sample $125.00 per sample
Infared Thermal Imaging Services *Report Included $150.00/hour min 2 hours $150.00/hour min 2 hours
Re-inspection fee n/a $125.00
Single Item Inspections (roof/plumbing/electrical/structural/etc n/a $150.00

William Weitzel, ACI
Central PA Home Inspections, LLC


Great; thanks, Bill! Derrick and I would like to thank you for your time over the past week. You have been very responsive throughout the process and gave the home a thorough inspection. It was a pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable as yourself. Take care!
– Jen

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Download Sample Home Inspection Agreement (PDF)

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